Welcome to the fanlisting for the relationship between Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuuga Hinata, from the anime and manga series, Naruto ☆ He grew up alone and without knowing love, and starts off as an attention-seeking troublemaker who dreams of becoming the Hokage one day. She is the shy beauty and heir to the powerful Hyuuga clan who works hard to live up to her clan's expectations. While it takes Naruto many years to notice Hinata, she has always watched him from afar and is determined to become stronger so she can stand at his side one day ☆ Ever so gradually, their relationship begins to develop and he realizes she could be the family he never had ♥


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This fanlisting was originally approved in November 2004 and owned by Huma ♥, who adopted it out to me in May 2017. Thank you ♪

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